Keohane Athletic Club is a design and storytelling agency for sporting organisations. We create meaningful teamwear to help you discover and understand your place, your values and your identity. By identity we mean spirit. What is important and meaningful to you as a chairperson, manager, coach or player. What moves you inside, what makes you try, what is your why? Our design-led approach is completely original and new in the market and helps you discover and understand all of the above. Contact us at info@keohaneathleticclub.com for more on how we do what we do.



Keohane Athletic Club was originally created to remember forgotten sportspeople. See some of the stories available on our e commerce store for examples of what we mean. We read and research to remember past teams, players, jerseys & journeys that have been forgotten and we commemorate them in the language we use. Creating original print is our superpower.

Our agency provides a local design and storytelling service to clubs and teams helping them produce their own meaningful, spiritual teamwear.  We challenge the templated, mass-produced manufacture of team wear today, treating each club as a special commission, to be read, researched, respected, understood and then designed to unlock the spirit and the story. This takes time, thought and energy but we think this approach is necessary and worthwhile.


Keohane Athletic Club values are built upon leading with design, storytelling, respecting history, & creating meaningful prints for teams clubs, and communities. Meaning sustains us. 


TRANSATLANTIC, LA/32, ROADS & ROUNDABOUTS are made in modest quantities in a GOTS – certified factory in Portugal. We make only pre-order quantities for the most part. Any surplus dead stock product is re-worked and re-engineered to make new product.

Our production partners have been developing & using recycled polyester yarns, recycled plastic yarns, organic cotton yarns & recycled cardboard packaging & labelling for years. The factory is family-owned & employs local seamstresses, printers, technicians & technologists.
PLACES is made in Pakistan.

The Pakistan products don’t carry tickets or labels in an effort to reduce packaging waste. All care instructions for these products can be found on the website & your order confirmation email.

FOUNDER : Keohane Athletic Club was founded by Paul Galvin. Paul is an Irish designer, author & storyteller with 10 years experience in the Irish menswear market. A Gaelic footballer and hurler with Kerry GAA, he has a keen understanding of sportswear, performance, how design can lead teams & team spirit to special places & how to harness the power of storytelling in sport.


Professor Richard McElligott is our resident historian and curator verifying all our research and development based on the history of sport and the GAA particularly.

Find out more about Richard here.  http://iaph.ie/members/thehermit/


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